Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Coach & Carriage Dogs

Add your photo to this slide show!
1. Photo must contain at least one dog and at least part of a carriage. It need not be taken at a show.
2. Address your email to:
3. Attach your photo as an attachment
4. Type just " More Carriage Dogs " in the subject line (without quotes and it IS case sensitive).
5. Leave the message area blank unless you want to CC your email to me and include a message with more info about your photo.
6. Click "Send"

Your photo should be automatically added to the slide show in under a minute!
If you have trouble, just email us.
TIP: Use your name and your dog's name to name your photo file to help identify the photo. Something like this: jmorse_toto.jpg or kconklinandcracker.jpg Most common image file types are supported.
We reserve the right to edit your photo by cropping, minor editing etc.and to delete inappropriate photos. The photos remain your property and will not be used by us for any other purpose without your permission.