Saturday, November 8, 2014

All Holes Are Not Created Equal

Harness Holes

These holes in the leather were originally punched round. 
Over time they have molded and shaped to the tongue 
on the buckle as it lies at an angle in the hole. 

Oval holes punched in synthetic material allowing the buckle tongue 
to lie in the strap without wearing and tear in the hole as it is being used under pressure.

Note in the two photos above: the end of the buckle tongue is made 
by the buckle manufacturer by flattening the round tongue slightly. 
As a consequence, that makes these tongues a little fatter in width
 and actually *wider* than the punched hole it has to repeatedly go thru.
 Not all buckle tongues are made this way. Look closely when you buy!

This is the end result of using round holes in synthetic strapping. 
This is ugly but actually serviceably strong because the strength of the strap comes 
from the inner nylon core strapping not the outer finish covering. 
Had the holes been oval punched originally as in the shot above, t
his would look a LOT better over time.