Monday, May 15, 2017

Balkers that Lie Down

Balkers that Lie Down or Throw Themselves
Some horses lie down when they are balking or throw themselves. When you have this kind of horse, don’t try to get him up by beating him with a hickory club, a barrel stave, or a fence rail, or tie a chain around his neck and fasten a team of horses to it. Instead of this, kneel down on one knee close to your horse’s head, placing your hand on the ground if you wish a resting place. Keep your hands of his neck. Blow in the horse’s ear and sometimes he will be up in a few seconds. When this fails tap him on the ear or on the end of the nostril, tapping a little harder each time you repeat it. When this fails raise his nostrils up in the air and pour some water into them. You will find that your horse will not stay on the ground very long. If this fails hold his nostrils shut, cutting of his breath, and he will fight for air. If he does not get up saturate a handkerchief with ammonia and hold it to his nostrils. Don’t place your hand on the horse for a resting place and do not keep the handkerchief on his nostrils too long, as he might get used to the ammonia and stay on the ground. When your horse is up reward him by patting him on the shoulder. ~ advice from the 1800's

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